Key words for the TeamWox company management system are simplicity and availability. It applies equally to our relations with you: loyal, comprehensible and mutually beneficial.

It is assumed that we can do anything. Of course, its true. But we also need assistants and partners. We cant reach each of our clients, and the assistance of qualified specialist would be very helpful to us. System setup, staff training, technical support, development of add-ons all this can come in handy when introducing TeamWox in SMB enterprises.

benefits for Partners

Our cooperation will be successful. We will provide you with all the necessary materials and teach you all that we know. Your benefits as of a TeamWox reseller are evident:

Fixed Percentage of the System Sales
Your fee is equal to 20% of the TeamWox price specified on this website. No matter what system you sell 25, 50-user or unlimited version, your fee is the same 20%. Moreover, you get you 20% of all the annual subscriptions for TeamWox Groupware.

System Integration and Data Migration
We have prepared for you all the necessary training materials on TeamWox integration. We will teach you everything that you should know about the system. With this knowledge, you will be able to easily introduce TeamWox Groupware in any company. Additionally, you can help your client by migrating data on a paid basis. Its not a secret that many companies use automation software developed on their own, or even work only with Excel. When such companies move to the professional automation level, they may lose some working data. To help your client avoid such bitter consequences, you can perform data migration for them. With TeamWox Groupware its not difficult!

Here you can also count on us. With the training course developed by our specialists, you will be ready to face the ocean of your clients questions. What, where, how, when and why is in the TeamWox system not only you will answer all these questions with our training courses, but also you will be able to teach your clients staff everything they should know about the efficient system operation.

Additional Technical Support
Your clients may have situations when the help of a specialist and emergency assistance are needed. Sometimes, the standard technical support included into the annual subscription may be not enough to solve the problem. This is a rare case, still its possible. In such cases you can help your clients. Weve developed special training courses to help you train your technical support team. Being competent specialists, youll be able to solve any problem appearing in your clients company.

Individual Regulations on Working with the System
Almost for all companies, the starting stage of the automation is rather painful. In order to make the adaptation to new working conditions smoother, your clients staff can follow a special set of regulations developed by you. We have prepared a standard document all you need is to adjust it to the special needs of your customers.

Developing a Gateway for the eBank Module
One of the most important additional modules for TeamWox Groupware is eBank. It is tightly connected with the Accounting module, allowing to download and rout bank transaction in the automatic mode. All payments are automatically defined and linked to corresponding companies. However, to enable the bank support special plug-ins are necessary gateways to enable synchronization with a banking system. You can help your client and develop a gateway for the bank your client work with.

Developing Add-Ons and Implementing Industry-Specific Solutions
Using the SDK (Software Development Kit) you can create additional modules and industry-specific solutions that extend the system functional. This is a perfect possibility for you to help your client and distribute your add-on solution among other system users. We will be happy to help you distribute the module via our website to help you find new customers among the system users.

Create new modules according to your customers needs, distribute them at and make a profit!

Integrating with Other Systems
Your client may be utilizing other useful software besides TeamWox Groupware. Very often they need to be bound together, in order to produce a synergetic effect. Using the TeamWox SDK, you can integrate TeamWox with any program and help your client to get the unified result of multiple solutions.

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