Cooperation Terms

Are you ready to cooperate by helping us to promote TeamWox and make a good profit with that? You are welcome! Be our partner and distribute TeamWox Groupware amongst your clients.

Cooperation Terms

We are maximally open and liberal to our partners. What really matters is your sincere desire to acquaint your clients with TeamWox and its features. Become our partner and sell TeamWox licenses subscriptions, train your clients to work efficiently with the system, and render additional services, like setup and technical support.

You can start working as our partner right after we sign a partnership agreement.

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Organization of Sales

Trying to provide the best conditions for our partners, we maximally simplified the process of license selling.

First of all, you can work with your clients via the partners portal on this website. After you register and sign the agreement, you get a separate partners account.

Secondly, you will be absolutely insured against any conflicts with other partners. You will keep your own client base on the website, updating statuses and sales stages, so we will know exactly, that it is your client.

Thirdly, license and system updates will be installed for your client without your participation. All you need to do when selling a license or subscription to your client is pay 80% of the price indicated on the website. Request for a license purchase is completed via the partners portal.

Fourthly, we guarantee the transparent and multi-variant method of payment. It can be a bank transfer, payment from a credit card, cheque or via an electronic payment system. All payments can be tracked on your personal Partners page on our website.

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Pricing Policy

The cost of the TeamWox system depends on the number of workplaces. The smaller your clients staff is, the lower is the system price. This flexible pricing policy again proves our care for clients requirements.

The license price includes one year of technical support and system updates. After that, a client can prolong it the annual subscription costs 20% of a license price.

Pricing Policy

The partners fee is fixed it is equal to 20% of sold licenses and subscriptions. For example, when selling the unlimited TeamWox license at 10,000 USD, you get your fee of 2,000 USD. And if you sell it together with the annual subscription, your total fee will be equal to 2,400 USD.

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Partners Support

Being our partner is really easy. We will be happy to offer overall support to prevent any difficulties in your communications with clients and system use. We will provide you with all necessary materials and tools to train working with TeamWox Groupware. Using these materials, you will be able to quickly learn the system features, as well as carry out impressive and comprehensible presentations. Weve also prepared a step-by-step instruction on the system installation, describing possible difficulties it will help you to install a system for your client. In order to train your client to work with TeamWox, you can use the special two-week training course.

To help our partners even more, we undertake processing almost all technical questions we render technical support services within the annual subscription, answer requests submitted via TeamWox Groupware, and communicate with clients via the Online Assistant or on our Forum.

You see, there is nothing difficult. With our partnership program, you can make a profit with minimum expenses. If you are ready to become a part of our team, sign the agreement, become our partner and make your own success!

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