Become a Partner

Would you like to earn with us? Our company is always open for partnership! You can become our partner and begin to distribute TeamWox Groupware amongst your clients. This will enable you to make additional profits while becoming a more valuable supplier for your customers.

TeamWox Groupware is distributed at a fixed price, which is published on this website. The partners fee is 20% of the contract. For example, when selling the unlimited TeamWox license at 10,000 USD, you get your fee of 2,000 USD. Besides this, the 20% fee also applies to the additional subscription.

Moreover, being closer to your customers, you can enter into additional agreements with them to provide various services. For example, you can train your clients staff to work with the system, render additional technical support, and integrate TeamWox Groupware with other systems and so on. And this is your extra income.

Become a partner

We provide our clients with various marketing and promotional materials. These are articles, layouts, booklets, presentations and so on. All these materials will be constantly updated reflecting the system updates. In your work with clients, you can use any of these materials absolutely free.

How to Become a Partner?

We enter into contract with all our partners. Further our cooperation will be based on this agreement. The agreement regulates Parties rights and obligations, as well as payment terms.

If you agree to all the terms of the agreement, please inform us about it. We will contact you and send the agreement for signing. After that you can start distributing TeamWox amongst your clients and make money with us.

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