Description of TeamWox Groupware

The TeamWox Groupware is designed for the optimization of management and production process in a company. Using it, you can organize management production inside a company, make them more transparent, quicken decision making based on full and authentic information.

Besides, all the information about your clients and history of the cooperation with them, various documents, tasks and discussions are stored in TeamWox. Now all this information is concentrated in one place and available to you from any point of the world.

TeamWox contains everything to provide the efficient operation of your company. The system includes the following:

1. HR Department

Company structure and employees' work time records in TeamWox Groupware

This module contains all the information on your employees: personal details, address, contacts (IMs, email, telephone numbers) and information about the employee's work in the company. All documents connected with a person (e.g. labor agreement, scanned copies of passports, medical records, etc.) can be saved right in the system.

In TeamWox Groupware employees' personal details are always handy

Employees' time sheets are kept here too. Now you can easily see your company 's employees that work more than others do, as well as those who work less than other employees. This module also reflects the structure of your company. Very often even a casual analysis helps to detect the duplication of functions and inefficiency of an organizational structure.

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2. Tasks

This module is used for promptly assigning tasks to your employees and controlling their fulfillment. A problem occurs? Set a task, assign persons responsible and watch how the task is fulfilled. In tasks you can hold various discussions, publish images, audio and video files. This will help you to solve appearing problems quicker and more efficiently.

Working with tasks and controlling their fulfillment help to organize efficient production processes

Task list in TeamWox Groupware shows what else is left to be done

As distinct from usual communication means (e-mail, telephones, instant messengers) tasks in TeamWox Groupware have one more advantage when solving business problems. After a telephone conversation with your colleague, you can't rely only on your memory when recalling the details of this talk. E-mails and instant messengers save the history of communication, but it is very uncoordinated and searching for it takes much time.

Tasks in TeamWox are void of this disadvantage. After closing a task you will be able to find it in an archive and watch all its details: who participated in the discussion, how it was held, what decision was made. And if necessary you will be able to raise this issue once again.

Automated task reporting system helps you to estimate the labor productivity of your employees. You will always know who of your employees puts the most effort into the job, whose work makes the largest contribution to your company business. With task reports in TeamWox, analyzing your employees' efficiency will become much easier and quicker.

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3. Documents Management

This module is designed for building an efficient documents management. Here you can store absolutely any documents in the electronic form: agreements, statements, scanned images and any other documents.

The list of work documents in TeamWox Groupware is available from any point of the world Previous versions of a document allow tracing how the work over it was going on

Version support endorsing system provided in TeamWox Groupware make the group work with documents possible. Your employee creates a document and assigns it to your for signing. You make some amendments and return the document to the employee as requiring improvement. And this procedure can be repeated until you decide that the document is ready and put an "electronic signature" on it. The important feature of TeamWox is that you always work with the latest version of a document. At the same time, all previous versions are stored in the system.

All documents coming via e-mail, attached to tasks or board comments can also be saved in this module. And vice versa - a document from this module can be sent in an e-mail, attached to a task or a comment in the board. Besides, documents can be associated with any organization or contact. So in future you will be able to easily find any document and study it.

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4. E-Mails

E-mail has become so popular that we cannot imagine the corporate life without it. It is probably the most popular tool for communication with clients and suppliers. TeamWox contains the e-mail module too, but now it is bound with the whole system! And in the group work this feature is extremely useful.

Correspondence with a client is automatically saved in his history

TeamWox Groupware E-mail is connected with the whole system

Like in any mail agent (for example, MS Outlook Express), TeamWox can create any accounts and receive e-mails from several addresses at the same time. Here you can also set up filters that will help you to automatically sort emails. But this is not the main thing.

In TeamWox Groupware each system user also has a mailbox called "Assigned". There one gets emails assigned to him or her by other employees. For example, to solve a client's problem you need the advice of a certain employee. Now you do not forward the e-mail to him or her, but assign it as a task. And you can see what reply your specialist sends to the client. You also can first discuss the topic with a specialist and only then send a reply. If necessary, you can assign the e-mail to other employees or even departments of your company.

The combining of the mail agent with the groupwork system gives one more advantage. Directly in the system you can attach any file stored in the Documents module. Besides, the advanced document-sharing system helps you forget about such a popular "it-is-not-the-latest-version" problem.

Finally, the most important advantage is that all your correspondence with a client is automatically saved in the Organizations and Contacts modules. Remember you assigned an e-mail to a specialist? In the Organizations module you can easily find the correspondence with a certain client and estimate the work of your employees.

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5. Organizations and Contacts

A data base of all clients and contacts is very important. It is always very convenient to have all contact information including telephone numbers, addresses, fax numbers and others always at hand. And it would be even more convenient to have all documents connected with a partner as well as other useful information. You get all this with TeamWox!

The common database and reports on clients in TeamWox Groupware

Document flow referring to a client is always available to you in TeamWox Groupware

In this module you can keep a detailed database of all your clients and suppliers: addresses, contact persons. You can also store here all documents, e-mails and discussions connected with a certain client. In TeamWox the full history of your cooperation with a client is always available.

Of course, you can set up different Clients access rights. For example, you can entrust working with VIP clients to experienced managers. While your other employees will not know about the existence of such a group. In the case of the dismissal of an employee, with TeamWox Groupware, there is added security of being able to keep the customers contacts in the system.

What's even more important is that all members of your company will work with the same database. It's obviously up to you how you run business with your clients but in many companies one department is responsible for agreements, the other for support and the third one concentrates on the sales. Then each department must be having their own client database, their own history of communication with clients and their own reports. That's just too complicated, and this is where TeamWox comes in.

TeamWox Groupware has the possibility to consolidate the information about your clients in a single place thus improving the work of the whole company. No more numerous databases or inexact policy towards your clients. Now you can get single complete reports for the whole client base. With TeamWox this information will always be within your reach.

Automated reports for clients instantly show you the current state of affairs. You can see how many new clients you have got this month, who of your managers found the most of clients, what clients decided to decline your company services and who of your managers is responsible for this. Now for obtaining such information you do not need to refer to different departments, suffer from delays or sabotage of your employees. All this is done automatically and instantly appears on the screen of your computer!

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6. Board

Very often companies do not pay much attention to the "home policy" and difficulties appear in this field. Employees do not always know what exactly the management does, why they do it, and in what direction a company moves. TeamWox Board is the most convenient place for the inner PR via which you can deliver all the company 's news and policy to each employee of your company.

TeamWox Forum is the best place for communication with your employees

It is also important to know the likings and preferences of people working in your company. It is the Board module where you can find the so called feedback. Here you can learn more about your colleagues, timely detect possible problems and eliminate them.

Besides, the TeamWox Board can become a substitute for the traditional hours-long meetings. You can organize team conferencing or create a separate section and conduct there discussions only among those who are needed for the solution of a problem. Other employees will know nothing about such secret conferences. Using the Board you will easily find optimal solutions without having to distract them from their everyday work for several hours.

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7. Search System

Data storing, quick search and access to information are among the most important tasks of modern companies. Just imagine how much time is spent by your employees searching for a three year old agreement with your client. This problem resulted in the appearance of expensive corporate search systems. Such a search system is built in TeamWox and is provided to you absolutely free.

The improved search system in TeamWox Groupware helps you to quickly find the necessary information

In the system the search is made in all databases, in all modules. Using TeamWox Groupware you can quickly find a necessary document, e-mail, task, client or the Board topic. Besides, the morphological search function is implemented in this system. It means you enter a word and the system searches for all its variations. For example, you have entered the word "market". The system will search for "markets", "marketing", etc.

Of course, advanced search is also available. You can set certain time limits, indicate an author of a document or message, or assigned employees. Such a filtration system helps significantly limit search results and save your precious time.

With the TeamWox collaboration software you can quickly find any necessary information without having to draw your employees away from their work.

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8. The System of Reports

It is impossible to manage any company without precise and authentic data about the current state of affairs. All this information is presented to a company management in the form of reports. Usually, for getting a report, you set a task and you employee wastes some time preparing a report for you. His or her colleague from another department also invests time into a report. And as it often happens, it is impossible to compare reports of different departments so it is hard to see the whole picture.

Reports on your managers' efficiency show you how well they work In TeamWox Groupware work time records are automatic

Fortunately, the same cannot be said about reports in TeamWox Groupware. First of all, they are automatic and for getting them, you do not have to draw employees from their work. Secondly, being the part of one system reports are well coordinated. Thirdly, concentrating all the information in one system you can get a general report on the whole company. Fourthly, due to automation, at each moment of time a report in TeamWox is updated.

In TeamWox reporting System you will find various reports from employees' attendance to their working efficiency in their cooperation with clients. Besides, there are reports on client bases that can be used for marketing purposes in planning. The reporting system in TeamWox is a new method of working with actual information - the automatic method, which is quicker and much more convenient.

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9. Online Assistant

Many companies have closed access to instant messengers for their staff, both for the sake of security and preventing time waste on non-work activities. True, via ICQ an employee can leak some strictly confidential information. As for the second reason - time spent on non-work chatting is enormous.

Online Assistant in TeamWox GroupwareOnline Assistant in TeamWox Groupware

TeamWox Groupware offers you a built-in chat that can help you solve these problems. The chat provides absolutely secure communication to your employees; while you can be sure that all the confidential information will remain within your company, because all messages are encrypted. Besides this, the TeamWox Chat can operate as the online assistant feature, enabling your staff to communicate with clients and different organizations. All chat messages are logged and information is automatically saved in the history of your communication with a client. So, you will be able to easily find the necessary information whenever you need it.

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10. Service Desk

This is a tool for assigning, planning and controlling tasks. Work here is divided into specially created service groups, which include employees responsible for certain projects (or products). Every group can contain different request categories according to their type, importance, etc., as well different products processed in this group.

Service Desk is a perfect tool for a technical support team

The main difference of the Service Desk from the Tasks module is the strictly regulated problem processing. Control over the process in Service Desk is more formalized as compared to Tasks. The main purpose of Tasks is the quick data interchange within a company, while Service Desk is aimed at solving various problems and fulfillment of important tasks. And these processes are strictly controlled by moderators. And such a control over the process allows quickly solve both problems appearing within your company and those of your clients. The latter one is achieved by integrating the module with external websites

All communications from Service Desk are stored in the system and bound to certain organizations. With such an integration, clients can actively participate in the communication with your support team and follow the state of his/her request processing. Due to these possibilities, Service Desk is a perfect tool for a technical support team of any company.

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11. Accounting and e-Bank

Often a company head wishes to skim over the company's money flows without going into financial details. In TeamWox Groupware this information can be obtained from the Accounting module. This system for invoice issuing and payment registration is a real help in financial questions. The system is designed for keeping information on all financial operations of a company. A separate book is created for each project, where all financial operations are distributed. In Accounting you can quickly obtain information on payments with any of your contractors. Like in the whole TeamWox, automated reports are generated to reflect data on organizations, clients and products. Accounting being integrated with Organizations, it's as easy as that!

Accounting in TeamWox Groupware is a real help in financial questions Accounting in TeamWox Groupware is a real help in financial questions

Another useful feature of the Accounting module is the so called "periodicity". Almost every company has to deal with invoices that need to be issued regularly - daily, weekly, quarterly or annually. In TeamWox all you need to do is specify the periodicity in the invoice details, and as the time comes, the invoice will be automatically changed. Instead of creating a new account each time, make a single one, set up periodicity and forget about it.

For the automation of Accounting processes, we've developed the e-Bank module. It automatically connects to one or more banks and virtual paying systems (WebMoney, PayPal, etc), downloads data on all payments from indicated accounts and automatically detects them. The "e-Bank" module is closely tied to the "Accounting" module and allows for the tuning of the routing codes of the received transactions. This results in the fact that transactions are automatically paired with the correct payments and organizations.

For the book-keeping department this means that it is no longer necessary to make daily trips to the bank for invoices, monitor the money flow through the checking accounts, and regularly check on the bank-client. And sales managers will always have access to the latest information about the invoices and payments of their contractors.

With TeamWox Groupware control over finances is easy as never before!

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